• My suggestions:
    -either start from a top level view of the company’s processes and then break each down (you might have to go 3-4 levels to get to the actual work). Level 1 processes can be as broad as “create demand”, “satisfy demand”, “run the business” level activities… then Level 2 processes would break each one of these down into more…[Read more]

  • If you use the actual times and not the %, you don’t have the 100% problem (and it’s not clear what the percentage scores are… the % OTD in that group? the % of a target time, etc.). 3 years, 4 months ago

  • My thoughts (that happen to confirm others’ responses)–don’t hire for specific hard skills–especially at the manager level.

    OG Black Belts were high potential folks, chosen by their companies for further development and training–try to find one of those (rather than self-nominated BB’s or those that have taken Six Sigma training while a…[Read more]

  • IMO, an advantage in using sigma levels is in comparing unlike processes–if you’re in that situation, converting the %OEE to Sigma level makes sense (you can even include the shift because your performance might well fall back). If your organization uses the “3-sigma rule” for setting improvement targets, you must also convert…

    Other than…[Read more]