• I understand, and thank you for the guidance.

    My challenge is that, from what I have learned thus far, the 5 Why’s could be used at any point of any process development.  That way, you are always questioning all factors and paths, to ensure clarity on options. From those answers, one can develop the fishbone diagram. But again, that diagram…[Read more]

  • Thank you @katieBarry      Trust me, I think I’ve dug within every Green Belt resource there is.  I’m not looking for any short cut.  But, this is driving me crazy.

    Appreciate it!  :-)

      2 years ago

  • I am doing my certification, and have been stuck on this question for days.  Any assistance is appreciated!!!!        What order does this go in???

    Below are some of the steps a team took during the Analyze Phase.  What is the appropriate order?

    • State the root cause hypothesis
    • Conduct data and process analysis
    • Develop a fishb…

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