• @blazn007 I have to agree with @cseider that this is a stupid question and poorly constructed.  Lets just walk through some logic. In most cases people have a hypothesis rattling around in their head but realistically you would derive that hypothesis from some pretty low level tools like 5why and fishbone diagrams. So lets say you do a Fishbone…[Read more]

  • @blazn007 That may be, but you didn’t answer my questions.

    If you have done the research then you must have come up with an answer. What is that answer?

    And if you know you’re wrong, then what are you being told is the right answer?

    Do you have any guesses as to where/why you’re going wrong? If not, why are you sure you’re right? It’s not…[Read more]

  • @blazn007 What do you think the answer is? Why or why not?

    The iSixSigma audience is helpful but they like to see that someone is putting in a good-faith effort on their own first. 1 year, 10 months ago