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  • It seems winter is almost over in the NW.

  • I would agree with you. If I were looking for an employee I would value most the skill and ability to learn. Learning being defined as the ability to recieve new information and then apply that knowledge in a valuable way. I consider an “Expert” as someone who is able to problem solve effectively and quickly in a given field. In a…[Read more]

  • Converting to a stand up desk and drafting chair today.

  • I realize that 4×10 = 5×8 so thank you but my question was more directed at the fact that 8 hours is not equal to 10 hours when considering the entirety of a first day in trianing and simulating concepts. We did end up getting right out to the floor and observing a set-up and communicating concepts as they came up through the week. Unfortunatly…[Read more]

  • I am in the early stages of planning one of my companies first Kaizen events. We work a compressed 4 day work week thus giving us one less day than a typical week long Kaizen. My concern deals with how much time […] 10 years, 8 months ago

  • Brainstorming needs for and theorizing my first Kaizen event at Enoch!

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