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  • @sidharth There are many examples for Process Improvement in service industry. There are examples for reducing variation, shift or both.
    What is the exact help you would need for a 1 proportion test.
    if you can specify the details there is lot of help in the forum 8 years ago

  • DMADV is a method used in Design for Six Sigma.

    Normally Use DFSS(DMADV) for a new process/Procduct development or upgrade existing Design

    DMAIC is generally used for Improvement in Existing Process 8 years ago

  • @rishi2014 If you are in a procurement department, you will have lots of chances to select projects.

    You can have problems within your company or with the vendors you are working with. Look for an area where you have sufficient data availability.

    Best of Luck for your project. 8 years ago

  • Thanks Chris.

    This is infact an acadamic question only. I cam across this in one of the quiz.

    While my position was exactly as you said, the person teaching was a senior person with loads of experience.

    Hence, i just wantd to double check my understanding.

    Thanks for the clarification 8 years ago

  • There would be one Mean since the data set is of individual process times. Note that USL is given in terms of Mean.

    There will not be any defect so long as the Mean is maintained below 30. Even if the process time in one case is crossing 50, this will not be a defect until the mean is more than 30.

    This Makes sense, if the data set is given in…[Read more]

  • Here the Effect can be made more clear by Saying “Late to work by 30 Min” or “Late to work by 300 minutes”. These two can have different severity. If the magnitude of effect is same, it will not change the Severity Number. Late to work by 30 min will have same effect irrespective of reason.

    For example If the failure mode is “Loss of Revenue”, it…[Read more]

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  • Now Training Lean to people

  • What is the total Percentage capacity utilization. 10 years, 8 months ago

  • New Job, New learnings.

  • The output of the knowledge to become an expert shall transform into being an expert. If one knows the process to become an expert and does not put this into practice, then the knowledge is useless.
    This depends on the individual weather he is called as an expert. There are people with tons of experience and still cannot be called as experts.…[Read more]

  • If the Management is not talking about savings, then you have a problem. You Start with what is the impact on the bottom line or what is the impact on top line. If you are not able to talk both, you have the third option. What does the customer say and then you need to convert back to the top line and bottom line.

    What is the use of a project…[Read more]

  • Hi I am not that experienced or Seasoned belt.
    The best possible solution would be replacing the measuring device. This involves costs.
    I would look for the tolerance within the spec. If it is large enough to use the Measuring device reading up to the whole numbers i would continue with the same measuring device, else change the measuring…[Read more]

  • There are some certifications which are just for the sake of adding to your Resume. And some are for working. This is always there with any of the certifications, Degrees, and other programs. Why talk just about BB/MBB Certifications.
    In Case of people who want to learn, they can learn from just reading books. Projects certainly shall be part of…[Read more]

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  • Learning new concepts. There is a knowledge of the size of ocean here.

  • Is it mandatory to have the sigma level calculated before and after the project?. Or can a project be called as six sigma project if the project is aimed at improvement only and completed using the six sigma […]

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