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Carl Berardinelli


Manager Operational Excellence


Carl has been involved in process, product, and advanced development for over 30 years. His experience spans consumer and automotive electronics. His Automotive experiences are in the areas of anti-lock break systems, engine and transmission controllers, and safety system. The safety system experience is in occupant detection and crash detection. Much of his work focused on reliable manufacturability and technology development.

Carl has been a practitioner of structured problem solving for more than 20 years. He is a certified Master Black Belt, Robust Engineering Coach, Design for Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Shainin Journeyman. Carl has taught Green Belt, Black Belt and DFSS curriculum. Carl coached numerous Green and Black Belts to certification and Robust Engineers to certification. He has published papers on the topics of Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma and Robust Engineering.

Most of Carl’s projects used a mixture of Six Sigma, Robust, and Design for Six Sigma. Many times Lean Concepts were included. Individual project savings ranged from 10’s of thousands to millions of dollars.

Carl received his BS in Electronics Technology from Indiana State University. He has several US patents and defensive publications.

Certification Level

Master Black Belt

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AITG, Delphi, GM, ASQ

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