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  • Jimmy is right .. the best way to pick up sample from every machine use the sample calculator to determine if the sample will be valid for that you need to take assumption on the confidence level and precision you require.

  • you can use the HOV test in minitab

  • chetan bhargava replied to the topic Stockout Project in the forum General 14 years ago

    if possible pl. cover both ..
    the lost + current stock being out is your two oppurtnuties for defects..
    and your no will be with the person recording the data..
    therefore dont see a real problem but the data collection must be accurate and they must be trained to spot the defect are you doing it on a transaction based model or stores where end…[Read more]

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    There is no single method for Quality it is different depending on what your objective is for new Product development it is DFSS , a cycle time or complex projects where a base line is there and you need to improve it you can drive it thru DMAIC
    in some case the the issue is of matrixed organisation and you need to simplify the transaction…[Read more]