• Hi Robert,

    Thank you so much for this detailed feedback and taking the time to respond to my inquiry, really appreciate it.
    Sorry for the late response, been off doing exams.
    This approach is definitely clear-cut.
    I would apply the suggestions above and revert on outcome. 1 year, 1 month ago

  • Hi Robert,

    1. Yes, your understanding is correct to a large extent. The CD activity is an activity executed by a special team that prepares report. Now, this data for reports are obtained from different departments depending on the type of report being produced. Hence, the departments are the original source of data. Some departments send dirty…[Read more]

  • Hi Robert,

    Thank you. Apologies for taking so much of your time but am so grateful for the assistance.
    You are right, I don’t have that plotting option and Y plotting capability. So I sorted the data manually and ranked as you suggested but unfortunately my box plot does not pick up the ranked file. It defaults to the original setting. I found a…[Read more]

  • Hi Robert,

    Thank you for your feedback and taking the time to review this with me.

    Yes, you are indeed correct, it’s the other way around as you described. The process starts with the CD activity which ensures the data is cleansed before proceeding to the DR activity so CD is doing a great job and laying the foundation for a fast DR task. But…[Read more]

  • Hi Robert,
    Thank you so much for this feedback. It is extremely very informative and much detailed. I shouldn’t have rushed into the hypothesis testing without really understanding my data files and distribution. I have been reading up on the use box plots and interpretation.
    Just to shed more light on the project deliverable, the objective is to…[Read more]

  • Hi All,

    I need some insight on a problem I am trying to solve statistically. I am quite new to statistics (barely 2 months now).

    Background: I have been given a task to solve which involves investigating the report production cycle time with the aim of identifying the special causes of variation in order to reduce them. I have mapped out the…[Read more]