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Chuck Orzechowski is a dynamic business consultant based in Northeast Ohio, specializing in operations and organizational improvement. His passion for helping businesses spans over 20 years of diverse industries and roles, including international work. He has over 8 years of first hand experience in the executive peer to peer network groups Vistage and Entrepreuer’s Organization.

Chuck, while formally trained as an engineer from Youngstown State University, never saw himself as strictly an engineer early in his career. Chuck was selected right out of the engineering program to join fellow YSU graduate and then Coltec Industries CEO, John Guffey. Chuck joined Coltec Industries’ inaugural Manufacturing Leadership Program modeled after General Electric’s famed leadership programs of the 1990’s. “The leadership stage was set for me early in my career; I was placed into a fast-paced, high exposure program that demanded excellence in everything that we did. I could not have had a better start to my career.”

Chuck credits his early experiences in shaping his future roles with diverse businesses such as RR Donnelley, Fenner Precision, Touch Bionics, TestOil and others. Chuck became very adept at helping organizations transform their operations into more efficient, high quality, customer driven businesses. While working for Touch Bionics in Livingston, Scotland, the value of connecting “employees” to customers really sunk in. Producing state of the art bionic prosthetic hands and limbs put new meaning to “knowing your customer.” During that time, Chuck had appeared on several Japanese, German and Scottish technology shows. One of his favorites was being on NPR’s Marketplace report with Kai Ryysdal and Stephen Beard.

Today, Chuck is focused on developing unique solutions for the customers of his consulting business, including improving their organizational development. He places a prime importance on middle management leadership growth. “While technology increases the efficiency and speed of business, our managers play an even larger role today in keeping all the pieces working.”

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