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  • New Question regarding nonionics:
    Historically the pH of nonionics was measured using a 1% solution in DI water. However, pH depends on ions being present for measurement, and nonionics do not dissolve well in water and do not form appreciable quantities of ions in DI water. So, the tool was not appropriate for the job, and measurements were…[Read more]

  • @garyacone – Thank you for your guidance. Often challenging to verify homogeneity, when existing reaction vessels have one sampling port. Sometimes, the low viscosity of the material and the presence of mixing within the vessel increase the likelihood of homogeneity.
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  • @MBBinWI – Very few tests I’ve seen in the chemical process industry are destructive of the entire sample. Usually small aliquots are taken from the sample container, and then the test may destroy that subsample (an example might be flash point testing), but not the entire thing. So, most often Crossed studies are used.
    However, some tests…[Read more]

  • I agree that there should be a Forum in Industries for Process or for Chemical. Some of the information is elswhere on the site, but it is scattered. Would like to discuss some topics that are specific to the Process Industry with others in the same industry. 10 years ago

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