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Claudio D’Ambrosio


Claudio D’Ambrosio is the founder of Arcane Business Solutions; a consultancy serving the manufacturing and environmental sectors. Areas of expertise include productivity turnarounds based on Lean Manufacturing and team alignment through the use of the Balanced Scorecard and other modern methods.

Past positions include President/CEO of a leading manufacturing company and senior executive of a global life science corporation. Mr. D’Ambrosio was also a member of the Executive Committee for a New York based billion dollar manufacturing corporation.

Claudio has worked in the nuclear, chemical, plastics, biotech, pharmaceutical, food and life science industries. His experience spans projects in Canada, USA, Mexico and Europe. In his approach, Mr. D’Ambrosio has shown that profitable corporate growth is strongly linked to values such as employee well-being, positive community impact, environmental leadership and customer advocacy. Claudio can be reached at [email protected].