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      I agree Cathy.  A lock of some kind on the older posts would cause little harm and it would cut down on this sort of stuff  My perception is that responses to really old posts generally fall into one of two categories – the please-send-me-one-of-those-too kind and posts like this one. 
      Posts like this give the impression that all Suzan…[Read more]

  • Definitely Bangalore – a bigger bang for the buck and much better as far as removing roadblocks are concerned!

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    Ummmmm….Nooooooo…. at least not this year.  Perhaps next year they will consider nominations for MFD (Most Frequently Deleted).

  • …don’t forget 23 December – birth of the transistor.

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    “add known value of A to “UNKNOWN” value of B and get what?”….Ummmmm the first part of a 9th grade algebra word problem?????

  •   Ok, I’ll bite, what exactly is a lance and how does it define and allow one to see scope of improvement?

  • Dewars????
      As in
      Sir James Dewar
      Is a better man that you are
      Because none of you a!!!!
      Can liquify gasses
       …somehow a tall cold glass of O2 doesn’t sound particularly appealing….

  •  It is truly astonishing what one can learn by opening up a random post on this forum…I guess 2003 was some kind of vintage year since we seem to have revived a number of them from that time.
     As for new information – I never knew that Gosset worked for Bell labs. If that’s true then are we to assume the “t” in t- test was short for ..…[Read more]

  • It is like a total trip, you know, like running down your own thing, like way cool, you know, mad rad skilz, like total deep blue hero stuff….except when, you know, like it isn’t then it’s like bad karma, like no way man, like valley girls on steroids, you know?

  •   I suppose you could look at it as responding to an 8 year old post. However, it could also be viewed as nothing more that the continuation of a tradition.  Other than a few outliers in 2002 (Anikumr, Aush, Carnell, Gabriel, Emre and RR) and 2006 (Suhail) all of the other posts have been on odd numbered years.  Since 2009 is coming to a close per…[Read more]

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    Here’s one that is bound to do wonders for your project:
    “Do a better job or we will render your body for its fat content and ship you as part of the next fuel consignment”
    Read Deming and pay heed to his observations concerning sloganeering….or you can just remember the short version
    “Slogan on the Wall – Quality’s Gonna Fall”

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      The easiest way to deal with problems of this type is to use the Finagle Phudge Transform Factor – take the data, multiply each data point by 0, and add a number from a normal random  number generator to the result.  The data will now be normally distributed and you can apply any test requiring normally distributed data.

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      Perhaps it is local – we have Windows XP and the Windows Explore and now(11:45 AM) it seems to be running just fine.

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     Time check: At 9:00 AM EST it was a minute and 20 seconds to get to the discussion forum, 20 seconds to open a reply to this thread and 35 seconds before the post a message window opened.

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      It seems to be all over the map.  Yesterday I gave up trying to log on.  This morning, about an hour ago, it was slow but at least it was accessable.  Right now, its response time is about what I get on other sites.

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     How so?  I’m still getting almost an endless stream of Norton notices of blocked attempts.

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    Sort of like a two dimensional shotgun blast or a face on view of a matzo ball.

  •   They say the fees for the course are absolute piracy!

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      Probably the biggest issue with opportunities is their incessant knocking.  There was a time when opportunities were discrete and civil and they would only knock once.  Back in that golden age if you chose not to answer when they did knock then they would quietly go away and bother someone else in some other place or time. 
      Toda…[Read more]

  • BTDT,
      Old Stuff????  Just remember, every book is new until you have read it and I’d say the same has to be true of mathematical methods.  After providing the correct partial derivatives I was hoping Jon would tell us more about the standard deviation formula since I had never seen it. 
          Thanks for the additional information.

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