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Chris LaVictoire Mahai


Co-Owner and Managing Partner, Aveus


Chris LaVictoire Mahai is co?owner and managing partner at St. Paul?based global strategy and operational change firm Aveus, and the author of “ROAR: Strengthening Business Performance through Speed, Predictability, Flexibility and Leverage,” which uses the animal kingdom as a metaphor for building peak performance. Her career includes more than 25 years of experience in leading, developing, and implementing business and marketplace strategies. Through Aveus, Mahai has worked with over 100 organizations from large global enterprises to family-owned businesses and startups, non?profits and other service organizations. She has served on the board of several businesses and non?profit organizations, and is an active investor in women?owned and -led businesses. During her corporate career, Mahai held several executive roles at Cowles Media/Star Tribune. She also spent nearly fifteen years in the financial services industry, including several executive positions at First Bank (now US Bank). For more information, visit or contact Chris at [email protected].

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