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  • observations for @Mike-Carnell and @csetter and fu pa for all .

    Mike.  I will take your tact. I will say upfront and say I am not in the 6 sigma business model for professionals.
    I also will say you talk in circles. And at times seem condescending. This is constructive criticism, because a lot of what you share and write is of value for the…[Read more]

  • @csetter We are both entitled to our opinions. As far as I know at this time it is in compliance with the rules for non profits which means it is run by a board not a person. I do not see any rebranding. Exactly what do think is rebranding.

    I appreciate the enlightenment regarding people selling things. I am not sure what people posting has to…[Read more]

  • @csetter I told you why I posted this. You can see I was on this string long before you ever posted anything. I question this whole post because it seems to revolve around personality issues that have nothing to do with certification. There is no point where you make your case for certifying people beyond the fact that you do it for free. No – I…[Read more]

  • @csetter I am going to be right up front with you, I don’t care for either of your posts and I will tell why. Before I do that I want to get this out on the table so you don’t drag me into this fight you appear to have initiated. My nephew is Scot Shank and owns IASSC. I have zero connection to that organization which includes management, IP and…[Read more]

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