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    Craig Setter

    Hi Danial,

    Aveta Business Institute’s Six Sigma Online has training videos, tools, templates, support, etc. The Council for Six Sigma Certification doesn’t.

    Please keep in mind that these are separate organizations and are operated as such. I would think that it is probably more-common-than-not for an organization (whose goal is industry standardization) to be founded by those that have operated a business within that sector (whether in the six sigma industry or in any other industry). I think you will have a very difficult time finding an organization in the six sigma industry where this doesn’t occur.

    Keep in mind that IASSC appears to currently list about 80 Accredited Training Organizations on its website. It appears that the Council for Six Sigma Certification currently has approximately twice as many accredited training organizations listed on its website that have applied and received accreditation. I don’t think it would be fair to exclude an organization from what appears to be the largest training organization accreditation website just because they have a common founder.

    That being said, there is currently a disclaimer in plain view on Aveta’s accreditation profile at the Council for Six Sigma Certification that clearly states: “Ethical Transparency Notice: Aveta Business Institute was founded by Craig Setter. Mr. Setter was also the original founder of the Council for Six Sigma Certification. Therefore, a direct/indirect common ownership between the two organizations may exist.”. This is in the middle of the page where it can’t be missed (not hidden in small text somewhere obscure like you would expect to find on most websites these days).

    To get back to your original question, I believe a reasonable person could also ask an alternate version of your question… “how can an organization charge an accreditation fee (and and fee renewals) with their left hand and then accredit organizations with their right hand?”. Personally, I feel that could be WAY MORE of a conflict of interest than sharing mutual founders with a training provider. But yet, that appears to be the status quo. That is a primary reason why the Council for Six Sigma Certification doesn’t charge training providers for accreditation.

    Also keep in mind that the Council for Six Sigma Certification also offers completely free self-study guides. Let me share with you a recent customer email we received at the Council for Six Sigma Certification.

    “Hello. I just wanted to thank you. This really helped me a lot. Im not yet certified for six sigma because it is to expensive and due to financial constraints i cannot go to an institue and have myself trained. So i would like to thank you for sharing this. Whoever thought of this giving this for free is and will be truly blessed :)”

    Personally, I would encourage anyone interested in Six Sigma to go read the free self-study guides… then go apply what you learned. Don’t worry about signing up for a seminar or an online course. Don’t worry about getting certified. Just download the book, spend zero money, and never come back. Just go and improve some processes (and likely your career).

    If you really want to spend money to feel like you are getting a quality education… I would recommend people check out Moresteam. I have always heard great things. But for those that can’t afford to pay anything at all, I love seeing emails like the one above :)


    Craig Setter


    Hi Marshall,
    Ever since the beginning of Six Sigma, there has never been to my knowledge a universally industry-accepted “standard” for certification or any type of recognized “accrediting” agency in the Six Sigma community. Since there was no accrediting agency, it appeared that some companies would create one to either bolster their own training, sell the accreditation itself, etc. Many large companies and government institutions fueled the problem by requiring a program to be “accredited” in order to obtain “tuition reimbursement”.

    In the United States, as with many countries, colleges and universities are required to be accredited (by an accrediting agency approved by the US Department of Education) if they want to be eligible to accept financial aid. However, Six Sigma Certification was originally intended for employees… not individuals (or put another way, it was part of an employer’s employee training budget and not a type of tuition reimbursement). Please keep in mind that Six Sigma was designed by Motorola, not a “university”.

    More simply put, the whole point of a college being accredited was to protect consumers from diploma-mills. However, Six Sigma was never intended for consumers (or to be a main-stream college degree type). It was intended solely for businesses. The training was provided within a company by consultants, not professors.

    But that did not prevent accrediting agencies from popping up for various reasons. These “accrediting” organizations were often confused by students and employers with a universally industry accepted recognized accrediting body. These “organizations” could literally be made overnight, which is why they held no weight in the six sigma industry. Unfortunately, this also lead to a “watering down” effect on the Six Sigma community as a whole because many training providers did not adequately cover key fundamental principles in the methodology.

    THERE IS NO GOVERNING BODY FOR SIX SIGMA! It is very important people realize this. Six Sigma has no need to be regulated like medicine, finance, etc. It’s not that big of deal.
    But with that said, when six sigma accreditation is done even remotely well, it should help keep accredited training providers that are approved by them on their toes a little more.

    I do apologize for the back and forth you have had to witness. Unfortunately, I am only left with the 2 options of either remaining quiet (which I tried) or defending myself.

    But I am very happy that you decided to focus on the “learning” part of six sigma instead of the “where” to get certified from. I wish everyone did. There would certainly be a lot less forum drama and people would save a ton of their money. It sounds like you’re on the right track :)


    Craig Setter


    Respectfully, just because ISSSP recently became a non-profit does not necessarily mean anything. IMHO it is presumptive to assume the overall motivations of anyone or any organization (mine included). As stated in my above post, it appears that ISSSP was rebranded by someone who also sells six sigma training.

    As long as there are software providers, training providers, conferences, publications, etc… there will always likely be someone selling something wherever you go (here or anywhere else).

    Regardless, I just visited ISSSP’s “forum” and it appears that only 3 people have ever posted there… the screename “Example – Janie Doe”, “ISSSP Team”, and a guy who is apparently their “ISSSP Program Advisor” whom strangely appears to post and then reply to himself. It doesn’t appear to be a viable alternative to isixsigma when it comes to interfacing with others.

    iSixsigma is a robust community that is free. iSixsigma has free tools and templates. I have always referred people here. Why go somewhere else?


    Craig Setter

    @mike-carnell Hi Mike,

    Thank you for the post. Please note that my original post was heavily changed by the moderator (which made my points much less clear).

    Regardless, serious question… did Peter ask you to post this? Have you had any contact with any individual from ISSSP or IASSC in regards to this thread? The reason I ask is because it is very strange that an unbiased person would question why I am defending myself if they had read my linkedin post.

    Peter Peterka appears to link to this posting (from his website(s)) in an attempt to discredit my organization for his own purposes.

    If you went to the linked link I posted you would see the issue I have with the other posts that were made here and how they appear to be made out of malice (Chris Paret
    and your original post excluded). Beck Barry appears to be a long-time employee of Peter Peterka. She is even listed on ISSSP’s website now as part of the staff. Again, go read my linkedin post.

    Considering that your nephew (owner of IASSC) sued Peter Peterka (who appears to own ISSSP), I would assume you would be aware of the allegations in regards to Peter’s actions. Again, refer to my link.

    Respectfully, I don’t see how you are not biased:
    1. You state that you have family member(s) whom I am currently fighting in court.
    2. You appear to have been one of the first members of ISSSP, which appears to have been revamped by Peter Peterka under questionable terms… the very person whom I was referring to in my original (moderator redacted) post.

    In regards to the 100,000+ free certifications…. we started giving out free white belt training and certification many years ago when we were unable to talk the six sigma industry out of the need for it:

    Note to Moderator: I have tried to post as little as possible while still making very basic points in my defense. I sincerely hope that you allow this post to remain “as-is”.


    Craig Setter

    Hello Marshall. I am the proud founder of Aveta and CSSC.

    Aveta’s Six Sigma Online was one of the very first websites to offer online six sigma training and certification back in 2005. In just the past 6 years alone we have certified over 100,000 individuals. I am certainly not aware of Aveta’s offering not being considered legitimate by employers. Usually, it seems what makes a Black Belt considered somewhat less legitimate by the industry is if a project was never completed as a certification requirement (we have always required one). Unfortunately, that requirement seems to have become more of the industry exception these days instead of the norm in recent years.

    With that being said, if I may offer some personal advice… what makes your certification truly “legitimate” has less to do with where you got it, and more about what you have personally contributed towards earning it. Anyone who tells you different is just trying to sell you something.

    A “certification” in speaking Spanish won’t mean much if you can’t fluently speak Spanish. Meanwhile, there are tons of people in the world who speak Spanish perfectly with no “certification” at all. This analogy perfectly reflects Six Sigma as well.

    No matter where/how you receive it, you will get out of it what you put into it :) If you are interested in just learning six sigma, you can certainly begin your journey without spending any money at all. There are plenty of materials available, both on this site and elsewhere on the internet, that will help you in your journey!


    Craig Setter

    Thank you Katie, it suddenly worked for me! Thanks so much (and everyone else as well) for your time. Have a great day everyone :)


    Craig Setter

    Hello, my name is Craig Setter and I am the proud founder of both Aveta Business Institute’s Six Sigma Online, ProSource, and The Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC).

    The CSSC and the training providers are separate entities and operated completely independently.

    In fact, Prosource isn’t even accredited for its Black Belt Program since it doesn’t currently meet the CSSC’s project requirement.

    Besides, over the years I have LITERALLY given free training materials and free accreditation to HUNDREDS of providers that are Aveta’s COMPETITION through CSSC. Seriously, think about that.

    But let’s consider the source of these attacks…

    Lots of posts from anonymous people here.

    The new ISSSP website appears to have boasted from 2015 to 2017 that “Up until the formation of ISSSP, there has not been a true Governing Body over Six Sigma”. Funny, I don’t recall ISSSP ever offering accrediation or certification. Anybody else?

    [Portion of discussion redacted per ]

    If interested, you can read more about it (and the supporting evidence of my beliefs) here.


    Craig Setter

    Hi Katie,

    Thank you so much for your response (and everyone else as well). I am trying to post at Although it is a few years old, recent court records make it extremely likely that the comments were posted with malicious intent by another training provider/accrediting agency (most comments were made anonymously or with only a post history of “1”). So I just wanted to provide readers with the “smoking gun” so they could practice their own due diligence.

    I could start a new thread, but it would likely make the issue more complicated to the reader.

    Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day,


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