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Dennis Gonier


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Experience: 25+ years in strategy, marketing, customer service, research, and innovation; CEO, entrepreneur; small, medium and big company leader; success in start-ups and turnarounds; valued adviser to America’s executives. Dennis is sharp, charismatic and a strong, proven leader.

Education: Valedictorian Graduate of Austin College (1983) with BS in Political Science; Hatton Sumners and Esmark Foundation Scholar. Graduate work in Social Science at Institute of Urban Studies, Univ. of Texas. Serves on Osgood Center, Wash. D.C.and on Board of Trustees, Austin College, Sherman, TX.

Mr. Gonier is one of America’s top business thinkers and doers. For the past 8 years, his CEO skills served TARP Worldwide and rescued the venerated firm which had pioneered customer satisfaction 40+ years ago. Dennis’ style, acumen, client service approach, problem solving and impact is admired in c-suites nationwide. He builds businesses, customer value, and brands. He left TARP in 2013 having accomplished his mission.

At the start of the Internet revolution, Mr. Gonier was on the inside of America Online serving in latter years as EVP. He helped lead the dramatic turnaround of AOL thru 2005, including putting the first 1MM household on broadband, changing business practices and delivering over $1BB in incremental profit in 3 years. He changed AOL while the world around AOL changed.

Prior to AOL, Mr. Gonier was Founder, CEO of Digital Marketing Services (DMS) the successful online marketing services firm pioneering digital loyalty strategies and launching online research industry. DMS was a rock star during the Internet boom – profitable and conscientious. AOL bought DMS in 1999. After AOL-TW merger, leadership asked Dennis to move from Dallas to Dulles and re-engineer AOL’s approach to keeping customers. Success followed.

Dennis has been named one of “top ten 21st Century Stars who are changing the face of consumer intelligence and marketing” by American Demographics.

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