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David Galloway


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I have 25+ years of experience in manufacturing and business process leadership. As a certified Master Black Belt, Master Facilitator, and LSS Deployment Leader, I have applied my knowledge in leadership, change management, process improvement, mistake-proofing, lean six sigma, innovation, and mentoring to solve problems and help others be more effective. I provided leadership to a large contingent of Black Belts who have led or mentored hundreds of improvement efforts. Nearly $400 million of cost productivity and revenue enhancement were accrued during eight years of LSS deployment. Moreover, we removed countless pain points and simplified many processes to reduce non-value added work and the associated frustration.

I have a keen interest in workplace safety and the psychology of personal risk taking. I have advocated using simple behavioral techniques and continuous improvement thinking to the challenge of risk reduction. I led the drive toward a culture of safety excellence by helping our managers and supervisors to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to lead others for safety. As a result, the organization dramatically reduced the number of injuries by focusing on safety leadership.

I also enjoy showing others how to leverage innovation concepts in addressing difficult-to-solve problems. I integrated selective innovation tools into the DMAIC process to augment improvement solutions and to identify potential new markets.

I am the Founder & Principal of Continuous MILE Consulting, LLC. Our mission is to help others realize how small improvements can make a big difference in any continuous improvement journey. We provide expertise in leadership, innovative thinking, and lean six sigma principles to drive process and safety improvements.

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Master Black Belt, Master Facilitator

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BMGi, Practicing Perfection Institute

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