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David Key


CEO, E-Squared. Creating value & enabling excellence in acquisitions, operations & quality.


I work with senior managers and their operational excellence teams or consultants to create value and enable excellence.

So, if you are a CEO who needs to:

  • Grow rapidly through acquisitions
  • Change your culture
  • Transform the value you add to your customers
  • Launch new products or services

Or a COO needing to:

  • Identify & remove hidden costs & risks which lie deep within your business
  • Embed excellence into all your operations
  • Make automation work for you, not the other way around

Or a Lean Six Sigma consultant seeking

  • Real protection against revenue feast and famine, through continuous consultancy programmes up to 3 years at a time
  • 100% fee retention
  • The ability to deepen your client relationships and protect your firm from the vagaries of client politics
  • Rapid expansion of your services into your clients’ supply chain and customer bases
  • Capacity support, enabling you to easily scleras up your project resources when needed

Then the work I do may help you. Over the past 10 years I have led E-Squared to build two things.

1. A new management platform which provides everything needed to harmonise, standardise, optimise, digitize and transform a business.  Called Isoma, it is simple to use, quick to return and highly engaging for employees to use. It drives change and is incredibly powerful for acquisitions, operational excellence and next-generation quality management.

2. A global, growing team of partners to deliver it: experts in operational excellence, data analytics and change management who have been round the block, got the T-shirt and know how to wear it.

Together these have delivered the following results for mid to large companies in manufacturing, services, utilities and telcos across Asia Pacific, the UK, Europe and the USA.

 70% quicker business integrations;

 400% increase in acquisition/deal capacity

 80% increase in productivity through the acquisition integration period

 42% reduction in process errors & defects

 75% improvement in lead times

 50% increase in customer satisfaction

So, if you are a fellow CEO or COO in need of help, or an operational excellence specialist looking for continuous project work, please do get in touch.

Tel: +44 (0)781 219 6876      Email: [email protected]       Web:


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