Doug D.


  • Wow, thats a sweet severance deal. All I got being riffed from an optical networking startup was 2 wks of pay. Good luck with your training.
    Doug D.

  • Thanks for the advice.
    My interest in six sigma is based on me being laid off from an optical networking firm and being forced to evaluate which skills in my skill set are marketable at this time. I find that my optical networking and thin film coatings skills are not selling due to the downturn in those industries. The TQM work and defense work…[Read more]

  • Carol,Thanks for the quick response. As a hiring manager in the Six Sigma space, what do you think of someone like me with tons of TQM experience? I need to figure out how to convince you and your colleagues that the work I did with Crosby based TQM in the late 80s is just as valuable as someone with recent six sigma credentials. The strange thing…[Read more]