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  • Forrest,
    If you are going to share knowledge, you cannot give up because of others.  Truth never changes irrespective of what people think…
    I wish people were more constructive, but then none of us have the ability to change the world.  Look at the positive influence…not the negative comments.  The so called guardians of Six Sigma are su…[Read more]

  • Tony,
    It is not going to be easy…unless you write a macro.  If you follow the way people do it, you have to use the information standard dev and specs to understand rejects from both tails….then you need to add this.  The added area now you have to put on the right side of the distribution and find the distance of the left edge of this area f…[Read more]

  • Dan,
    Only as a thought..
    1) Financial: Total $, $/per person, ROI
    2) Penetration/Competency/culture: %trained
    3) Sustainability: % continue to to utilize or #project/person/year without the mandate or may be post certification project execution
    There are few more I can not recall at this time.

  • Dear You,
    You got a great role albeit it may have come to you a bit early.  You do need a mentor but not the kind who is going to tell you how to do what you are trying to do.  The one just asks you questions, makes you understand ther risks, and review with you.
    Creating a department that will create success is dream of many.  I had the op…[Read more]

  • Thanks Mr Vallee,
    It never crossed my mind to check with academia. 
    Please do not be sensitive about attacking?  I have people trying to enlighten me all the time.  It gives me a pleasure to know that I have about 7 billion people I could look upto and that also for free.
    Thanks again.

  • Dr. Ravi Pandey replied to the topic Control Limits in the forum General 13 years, 8 months ago

    I was not going to make anymore comments here..but you got me intrigued.  While I am at, I will add few more infomation…hope you do not mind.
    In engineering, we make lots of assumptions.  The results and the risks associated with those assumptions are what we need to know.  So, making control limits to zero is something a si…[Read more]

  • Brandon,
    You are right!

  • Dr. Ravi Pandey replied to the topic Control Limits in the forum General 13 years, 8 months ago

    My friend Stan,
    I do not get involved in personal comments.  Read the note and you will understand my opinion and guide.
    As for as doctorate is considered, come by sometime we can talk about whether it is fake or real…May be you can establish the credibility of American Universities by judging the quality of my doctorate.
    As for as website,…[Read more]

  • Dr. Ravi Pandey replied to the topic Control Limits in the forum General 13 years, 8 months ago

    You can create anything artifically…but it does not make it right.  Given the general knowledge about these things, making them zero or leaving them as they are have not much meaning….
    The best solution is to increase the sample size to lift it above zero….anything is else is a compromise.  I am not sure Bhaskar will have any ne…[Read more]

  • Dr. Ravi Pandey replied to the topic Control Limits in the forum General 13 years, 8 months ago

    Bhaskaran,You have to first understand the process and chose the right distribution.  You can not just put zero for the negative value-that would be wrong. I have not thought through your data..but here are some comments.There are distributions that will not give you negative limit such as p/c etc charts.  If you chose your distribution-granted i…[Read more]

  • Jeff,I just posted a message.  Metric is very simple for you – do not have any overdue.  If you are talking about benefit/loss due to this, then the answer is different.Benefit has to do with what is asset utilization in your company.  Think of this, if they get the money faster, they can invest it for better revenue generation.  If they bor…[Read more]

  • Tony,There is no easy way out…it is not a six sigma question, it is simply a business topic and may be your friends from finance can help. Logically, it is fixed and variable cost.  You have the cost of employees which does not change unless you are adding/firing etc.  It is just spread over the invoices and will go down as the invoices in…[Read more]

  • My friend,This information is generally proprietory..I have done it ( Design for Six Sigma, DFSS  deloyment ) for multibillion dollar business.  In fact there was wide acceptance from the senior leadership was that it went for better than DMAIC part of Six Sigma deployment and was much cheaper.  In fact after I got done, the DMAIC consultant lost…[Read more]

  • My friend,It should be very cheap…the cost of deploment is generally very high because people do not pay sufficient attention or afraid of getting hands on involved. We have very cost effective model for small companies – i just did for one group and went very well…Calll me if you are interested, and we can work out based on your…[Read more]

  • Mr Brando,There is no rocket science in Lean…you can learn it very easily and very fast…However, knowledge and implementation are two different things.  So, it might take time to learn when and how to use it.You might have heard along that I don not have data, this does not apply to me etc….these are all symptoms of experience.  Know the t…[Read more]

  • Barrie, It is a challenging topic and a question.  Using a third party for interview is good.  People are however generally hesitant to provide information which could be interpreted as complain or whining.  Think about this, when you interview people for job, it takes a good amount of skill to get useful information.  This would be bigger cha…[Read more]

  • My friend, if you have not already started and there is so much doubt.. I would suggest  not to use the words.  Just try few projects at a time.  You can always get good projects via discussion on immediate company needs.
    Manager do not care for Six Sigma or for that matter anything else.  So you need to show that they will get better res…[Read more]

  • Barrie,
    while I can not share any case..I would just advise if you have not already thought of understand the reality through lots of question with repetition.
    We had a case where survey said one thing and when you analyze data the results were different…The skew came from a group that was managd by a really really asinine manager. The…[Read more]