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Dr Ron Hurst


President & CEO Improving Process Performance and Leaders


An average guy from humble working class roots Ron brings a unique perspective to every program he teaches. He “gets” people, loves to entertain, challenge and teach all at the same time.

Ron’s journey to key leadership positions was hard earned.  Like most people, he made mistakes, stumbled, and screwed up. But his commitment was diligent, continuing to learn from every experience and improve his skills. A lifelong learner, Ron has continuously sought to improve himself in all aspects personal and business life.

With 30 years of manufacturing experience and ten years as a business owner, Ron understands what it means to solve problems, to align employees and get things done!  As a coach Ron has worked with Fortune 500 companies and local small businesses. He has assisted firms in aligning their leadership teams and realizing organizational process performance goals. His approach is unique in that he first understands the organizational context and partners with senior leaders in the development of an effective solution. He is proud of his experience in business management and the diversity of companies he has helped improve.

In addition to founding a training and development firm, Ron is a faculty member at the University of LaVerne and recently completed his PhD in Organizational Psychology at Fielding Graduate University. Ron’s doctorate provides him an unparalled opportunity to explore how leaders learn and grow, identifying how to help them be even more effective in the process.

Ron aspires to walk a mile in the other guy’s shoes, and understand a problem from the inside out. He offers advice that is both candid and contextually sensitive. No generalities and platitudes here, you can expect practical actionable concepts that you can apply today. Ron is eager to offer you his expertise in this workshop and help you to authentically connect with people.

Ron’s company is dedicated to helping organizations improve business performance through the application of Lean 6 sigma principles as well as leadership development.

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