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  • 1. Health(sick)care cannot be compared with the repair / maintenance of an aircraft. The maintenance / repair process of a Boeing is a COMPLEX process requiring highly trained aeronautic engineers who, in coordination with each other, make the aircraft air-worthy. Moreover, it is a static process. The repair can wait till a consensus is arrived…[Read more]

  • Ms katie & Mr Vinod,
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    1. Thank you for your inputs.
    2. Healthcare falls mainly in “services” domain and applying six sigma principles, which are mainly applicable for “manufacturing” domain, is a big challenge.
    3. The shear number of “Cure” and “Care” providers, and many people in between, brings in so much of variability in any…[Read more]

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    I am holding a very senior position in a group of institutions in which thee is a Medical School and a 650 bed hospital.
    The medical health care delivery process is highly fragmented because of involvement of many agencies / individuals in providing healthcare to an individual. This fragmentation brings in lot of variation in…[Read more]

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