Daniel Alberto Santillanes Loredo


  • Dear Chris and Karthik,
    I totally agree with both on the color of the belts, I thought of that after I put the question out.
    I do believe though that normally yellow and green belts and even most black belts focus or are assigned to solving processes and system problems, while master black belts and many black belts are also more commonly involved…[Read more]

  • Why Lean Six Sigma Black Belts become Great Consutants?
    Is it the tools?
    Is it the Methodologies?
    Is it the experience gained by working with all areas and processes in the value chain?
    Is it the insight gained from working with all levels in the org chart?
    Whay is it that Black Belts come to become great consultants?
    I know many Great Ones,…[Read more]