Dushyant Thatte


  • @dushyantthatte It’s pretty naive of you to say “developing this LSSTOC methodology “. TOC has been part of Six Sigma since the first person read The Goal at Motorola sometime in the mid 80″s.

    If you think 25 years later you’re the first person to think of this, just read Mr. Whitney’s post. 10 years, 1 month ago

  • @dushyantthatte Q1. The top level for a factory metric is always the output measure. Any business is in business to make stuff. And all factories are built to a capacity to make enough of the stuff to make money. Someone sets that amount and the factory needs to build it. So, the measure is always how much stuff your expected to make per day…[Read more]

  • @dushyantthatte – Good discussion from Tom, but I’d like to add my perspective on your query about TOC vis-a-vis LSS. In the early stages of an LSS deployment there is usually no lack of project opportunity, nor is there much debate about what project to work on as generally ANY project will provide needed savings.
    However, after a few…[Read more]