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Eva Jarlsdotter


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The bestselling book The Lean and Happy home

TEDx talk: Follow the thread and become the generation that stops climate change

Eva Jarlsdotter was born in the countryside in Sweden. She began her career as a journalist and after almost a decade in daily press, national news agency and as a freelance in France, she left to work internationally in leadership roles in business.  During 1999-2004 she was the global Director for strategic communications and corporate responsibility in the production and supply in AstraZeneca with had plants in over 20 countries and approximately 15 000 employees. That’s where she was introduced to LEAN when it started in one of the factories and then spread in the company.  In the summer of 2011 she resigned from her position as vice president in an international telecom company to complete the fiction trilogy she had been working on since her oldest daughter was born and at the same time she implemented lean in her home – out of pure survival instinct. She currently works as a writer, consultant, and lecturer. Eva holds a degree in journalism from the University of Gothenburg and an executive MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics. She lives with her husband and their three children in an old house with a small apple orchard in Stockholm She dreams of one day finishing the trilogy, growing enough vegetables and fruits to be self-sufficient and she genuinely hopes and believes (she is an athlete in optimism) that this generation of ours will end the extreme poverty and the climate change. To do this we have to start with the organization that we can impact the most – our homes. Eva is regarded as the pioneer of the concept [email protected] and she receives feedback every day from readers who have been inspired by her bestselling books. These books are now translated to English, German and Dutch. The English follow up to her first title is ‘The lean and happy home’.

Certification Level

Executive MBA Stockholm School of Economics and Journalist degree University of Gothenburg

Certification Year

2005 and 1991

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