• @farisrodhi Hope this helps you figure it out.

    @KatieBarry Thank you for jumping in and making the connection. Looks like it worked out well.

    @Venerablebede Great job. Knew you were the right person for this. Hopefully it can serve as more of a template for people in general. Some of the financial modeling stuff you see on line is very short…[Read more]

  • @mike-carnell, Thanks for the mention; @KatieBarry thanks for completing the connection.

    @farisrodhi, maybe this would work:

    a) Talk to accounting to see what is the current rate (per kWh) you are paying for electricity – during normal working hours.  Watch out: rates can be different at different times of day.

    b)  Spend several hours during n…[Read more]

  • @Farisrodhi I could give you my version but that is probably not going to be your best answer. If we can get a person @venerablebead to show up he would do this right (@katiebarry I probably got his name wrong – Help?). If that doesn’t work I would call the door manufacturer and have then send a field service person out to figure it out. 2 years,…[Read more]