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Fausto Galetto


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Fausto GALETTO was born in Sanguinetto (Verona, Italy, 1942). He received an Electronics Engineering degree and a Mathematics degree from Bologna University in 1967 and 1973 respectively. Since 1992 he has been Professor of “Industrial Quality Management” at Politecnico of Turin.

From 1998 to 2001 he has been Chairman of the Working Committee “AICQ-Università” (Quality and University) of the Italian Association for Quality, taking care of Quality in Courses about Quality in Universities. He has written five books and more than 180 papers on Reliability, Quality Management and Quality Methods (DOE, Applied Statistics, Testing, Process Control, …). He was formerly Reliability Engineer with CGE (General Electric, 2 years) From 1975 to 1982 he was Reliability Manager with Fiat Auto. Then he was Director of the Quality Dept, (comprising the Reliability, Production Quality Control, and After Sales Dept.) with Philco Italiana for 3 years. Since 1985 he has been Director of the Quality/Reliability Dept. at Iveco-Fiat, for 5 years. Since 1990 he has been Quality Management consultant. Since 1980 he has been Lecturer with the Italian Organisation for Quality Control (AICQ) and with COREP. Co-ordinator of: Reliability Working Group of CUNA (until 1989), Scientific and Technical Committee of QUALITAL (1989), Vice-Chairman of Automotive Sec. of AICQ (1985-1990)

It seems he is one of the very few who take care of “Quality of Quality Methods used for making Quality”.

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