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Felix C. Veroya


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Profile Summary
Felix has a total of seven (7) years working experience in the fields of Academics, Logistics, Supply/Chain, Manufacturing, Training and Consulting for SMEs up to multinational Corporations. He has developed skills relating to business administration, people management, corporate communication, research, statistical analysis, facilitation, training and consulting. He was able to complete and coach projects utilizing proven tools and methodologies such as DMAIC (Six Sigma), SCORE (Lean), SCAMPER (Innovation) and self-initiated improvement frameworks on Capacity, DILO (Day in the Life Observations), MSA, RCFA for machine troubleshooting, Quick Engineering Solutions, Idea Management, etc. He is also an author for an international electronic book publisher located in Denmark writing books on Quality Engineering, Lean, Six Sigma and Innovation.

Managing Director/VP for Business Development & Consultancy
IExcel Review and Training Center | January 2015 to present

Lean & Six Sigma Training and Certification Profile for IExcel
 Yellow Belt Trained and Certified – 82
 Green Belt Trained and Certified – 10

 Certified Lean Practitioner
HGST, a Western Digital Company, May 2016

 Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Six Sigma Management Institute by Dr. Mikel J. Harry | License 01-22-2015

 Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
Spartans Allied Services Inc., May 2014 | License SAS/SSGB/142071-D

 Certified Lean Professional – Lean Sigma Program Qualified
Six Sigma Management Institute by Dr. Mikel J. Harry, August 2014

 Associate ASEAN Engineer
Philippine Technological Council (PTC), April 2013

 Certified Industrial Engineer 4th Placer – 76.25%
Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers, March 2012 | License 00120

 Civil Service Passer
Civil Service Commission

Certification Level

Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Certification Body

Six Sigma Management Institute | University of the Philippines

Certification Year

2015 | 2018