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    Gee…can’t believe such song really exists.
    Thanks Darth, you really make my day! Very entertaining ….

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    As mentioned, no offence my friend…..My apology for the words chosen in my previous post.
    However; you must be joking when saying Sumant’s comment is the only one closer to the answer. The very first reply from Crazy Guy was short yet sharp, precise, and right to the points as well as others who also tried to assist.
    Anyway, glad to se t…[Read more]

  • Nicoela,
    I am working in theonly hotel industry that embrace Six Sigma for process improvement, called Starwood. I’ll be more than happy if i could be an assistance to your queries. Just drop me an email in person pls ….

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    You are a trully  funny person. No offence but you’re very funny indeed. I just read this topic from the first thread and laugh all the way to the end reading your Qs. All the colleagues in this forum have tried their best to give answer from a very simple way; yet you still don’t understand …not to mention if someone provides some sta…[Read more]

  • No Harish …
    You’ve misunderstood messages fr all who have contributed in this topic.
    No one said implicitly/explicitly to wait  longer just to get a baseline. What they did was just trying to provide their technical expertise on how to get proper baseline in order to arrive at a proper conclusion
    What past is past ….If  you only 10 data po…[Read more]

  • it could be your operator not well trained, thus not being able to catch defect accurately ….it could be the environment issue (dust count particle need to control to prevent from being easily dusty and make inspection even more difficult) ….it could be due to lack of inspection kit ….or why bother inspecting? why not preventing defect from…[Read more]

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    Visit the following link where you can find all about CpK, PpK
    Good luck!

  • Glad that you implicitly admit your mistake Gary ;)
    Coz the word “non sense” leaves a strong impression that the possibility for higher SD is almost zero when n is low.
    43% of the time is huge man … though it should be even higher if you do proper data collection.
    Again, good discussion.
    Thanks for the education and also keep on learning buddy!

  • Good discussion but too bad ….. bad choice of words.
    I believe Gary is a master in Six Sigma but it will be best if you don’t close your minds to any possibility.
    Non-sense? Sure or not? …
    Simply from SD formula =((x-xbar)^2/(n-1))^0.5 ….we can straight away see that the lower the n (number of samples), the smaller the denominator, and…[Read more]

  • Agree and disagree for point#1. The best answer is actually : it depends.
    Amounts of benefits/opportunity will depend of types of industry we’re talking about. If we’re talking about hotel industry for example, many opportunity for process improvement will result in increased guests’ satisfaction (soft saving) despite some other projects that…[Read more]

  • Harish,
    I agree with Dave that with 10 data points, your confidence level will be very low. Thus; the conclusion withdrawn could be misleading since u don’t have enough data.
    Below are some bullet points that could practically be useful for your project :

    High SD for 10 data points is self-explanatory and very much expected. Thus; …. before…[Read more]

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    Hi Foggy,
    Lots of people are still mixed-up with the definition of CTQs.
    To me, what u mentioned below is VOC (Voice of Customer).
    Often times, VOC is very qualitative and it’s our challenge on how to quantify what the customer want sothat we can measure in future whether or not we can fulfill what they want.
    Then, only when u address those…[Read more]

  • Points noted and you’re 100% right hacl …
    Six sigma is not abut counting defects nor number crunching, but how to make a difference in reducing variation in the processes.
    However; nothing wrong either of being curious on some theoritical behind all the numbers as not all people may be aware of.

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    Hi GWG …
    I believe there’ve been many suggestions given on how to start setting-up Six Sigma, which consulting company to use, tips to do once a consulting company is selected, etc …
    However; I’m wondering whether it is really the answer you are looking for.
    Coz i have a feeling that you may have been trained Six Sigma before, and you are…[Read more]

  • Hi K Shams …
    Your question is not specific. The best persons to answer your questions is you and your operators … no one in this forum understand your process better than you.
    But you may start by understanding which type of damage/defect is the most common  in your factory. Pareto is a tool you can use to help …
    Then things will develop…[Read more]

  • Hi Abhi …
    Thanks for your input. I’ve just sent via email as per your request on how to get ppm for different level of sigma.
    I have no bad intention at all by not sharing/posting the explanation in the forum since there are varieties of six sigma skill in this forum. Those who are already expert may find it too basic for them which may not be…[Read more]

  • You’re right Hans ….
    Sorry if i might be to pessimistic.
    But again, it really depends on our definition on a defect. If defect in airplane industry when talking about landing or take-off process is defined as no accident happen that can risk passanger’s lives, yes ..i agree it can be classified as more than six sigma performance. But if we…[Read more]

  • Venkat …
    You must be joking, right? Tell me you are ….
    I have never seen a process operates at 6 Sigma Level, not to mention 7 or even 10.
    6 sigma can be considered as a long term goal that we need to strive for i.e near perfection.
    The essence of the message by putting 6 sigma as the slogan is that for us to always continously…[Read more]

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    You can create your own statistics using GR&R.
    Repeatibility and Reproducibility. That’s why this concept was introduced, to assess how good a measurement system is.
    Personally, statistics fr other people who may be at the other part of the world doing same hand count inventory method could mislead you coz you may not count the same animal, not…[Read more]

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    Hi Namrata,
    I’m sure no one in this forum will provide you the best and exact metric to your problem.
    Always back to the VOC concept.
    Ask yourself who are the customers for your e-learning organization?Find out fr them what’s important for them from the customer’s perspective. If the feedback is qualitative, find out a way to make it…[Read more]

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