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  • Simply brilliant. Thank you for the contribution.

  • @JC It’s pretty easy.

    If you want results, ask for evidence and a guarantee. You’ll only find two providers in this category.

    If you just want training, almost anyone will do. 9 years, 10 months ago

  • Hey I’m pretty sure Chris is evidence of the shift. 9 years, 10 months ago

  • Gary Cone changed their profile picture 9 years, 10 months ago

  • Doug, your correction is not important and is incorrect. Apparently George actually wrote it down occasionally in addition to apparently saying it in front of you (I assume you were taking meticulous notes).

    A […]

  • Very profound. Was there a question here? 10 years, 4 months ago

  • Do your own homework. 10 years, 4 months ago

  • The “universal” certification is not known and the organization is not respected. It’s just a scam. 10 years, 5 months ago

  • @wbjohnson the key word is only.

    @MBBinWI Your answer, as usual, is correct. BUT, the truth is no phone should be shipped without finding out how the process can let 8% escape to a inspection prior to shipment. The is the real issue with the CQE, they talk prevention, but emphasize containment.

    And where is the R&R on this inspection? How…[Read more]

  • Rex, there are a lot of simple simulations that show the usefulness of simple tools or the folly of how we respond in industry. Lean has a lot of simple flow demonstrations. 6S has a lot of simple ways of showing […]

  • @Robert-Jackson Good to see you standing up for integrity. What were your credentials anyway? 10 years, 5 months ago

  • @RobFioto @MBBinWI I’ve heard of Death by Chocolate and Death by PowerPoint, I think you guys are in danger of creating a new category – Death by Metaphor.

    @RobFioto Thank you for the promotion from one of the guys walked out of Allied and a sub contractor who was brought in later to “Yes. I know of Mr. Cone’s pedigree and contributions. ” I…[Read more]

  • @MBBinWI Several including Dr. Harry, Steve Zinkgraf, Mike Carnell, Tom Whitney, and me were not certified. All but Dr. Harry were part of the best improvement rate in all of Motorola from 1986 – 1991 and went on to help several other companies before consulting.

    But you knew that. 10 years, 6 months ago

  • @RobFioto A MBB who reports unsubstantiated numbers? I can’t wait to hear from your friends in DoD. Hopefully they will actually speak fro data. I suspect they won’t call. What did Dr, Harry have to say?

    Why don’t we call a truce until I hear from your friends? Perhaps you actually have something of value to share? 10 years, 6 months ago

  • @spazwhatsup I agree with most of what you say. A couple of thoughts –

    1) We, as consultants and employees, cannot control the objectives of Leadership. We can only act with knowledge and integrity and be willing to lose our jobs if asked to do something that compromises integrity. There were a load of good people who sacrificed their hearts…[Read more]

  • @RobFioto No false statements were made, I am not a MBB because I was doing this before the terms showed up. I was there on day one of AlliedSignal as employee number 4 of SSA but took my own contract one month in. Please have the LSS PMO contact me, you think it will change the unbelievable claims? It only explain what liberties are being…[Read more]

  • @robfioto The standards of our profession do apply to both of us. You see BS, you call it.

    Your claims from your innovation nonsense are pretty unbelievable too, but let’s stick to your ROI claims. When challenged, you defer, you insult, you wimper for help from iSixSigma. Just answer the simple question – show us how a 700x ROI is derived?…[Read more]

  • @RobFioto Do a little research Rob, and you will see I had responsibility for Lean (cycle time reduction in those days) and Six Sigma at Motorola Automotive on the day Six Sigma was named. I was doing and teaching this before it had a catchy name. We were also doing Lean on day 1 long before Michael George claimed to invent L6S.

    Instead of you…[Read more]

  • @RobFioto I made the comment of cooking the books.

    You know like the unbelievable 700X ROI. Rob, you probably have something to offer but not by claiming things that are not real.

    Let me remind you of the standard for ROI reporting since before your first training at Allied. Total cost of running the project (manpower and material) and…[Read more]

  • Your profile says you are a MBB through RACE University which did not exist at the time of Allied and Bossidy.

    Which is it?

    And by the way the savings at Allied were real and the stock holders rewarded Larry and team handsomely for it. Don’t know about Raytheon but that was Air Academy, I have respect for their founders and don’t believe…[Read more]

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