• what the use of unilateral allowance? why they use
    this? 10 years, 11 months ago

  • Hi Neal
    If you could mention which operations/business within IB, could hep to provide with some project ideas

  • Thanks for the response. I want to know the methodology to convert some benefits which cant be immediately counted into monetory.May be some template exists?

  • girish replied to the topic ISO 9000 AND SIX SIGMA in the forum General 12 years, 8 months ago

    Hi ,
    I would appreciated if you can give me the complete information regarding
    1.      Certification details
    2.      Fees details
    3.      Course details
    4.      Any offers.
    5.      Training center area
    6.      Timing for the course.
    7.      Duration of the course.
    pls mail to [email protected]

  • girish replied to the topic Taguchi DoE Design in the forum General 14 years, 2 months ago

    Thanks as always for your comprehensive insights to the topic under discussion.
    After understanding the foundations for any comparison between traditional & Taguchi DoE techniques from your posting, my earlier posting appears to simplistic & quite irresponsible without proper explanation. Sorry for that.
    Will share our results in any…[Read more]

  • girish replied to the topic Taguchi DoE Design in the forum General 14 years, 2 months ago

    We have not yet explored 2 step – optimization techniques? Many thanks for mentioning that. My mail id : [email protected]

  • girish replied to the topic Taguchi DoE Design in the forum General 14 years, 2 months ago

    Using traditional DoE (Classical approach) methodologies, we have not been entirely successful. We feel that we have not managed noise factors very well. We have used “Blocks” to handle noise, but the results never satisfied us. We have designed & run a Taguchi OA design using robust design techniques (SN ratio). The experimental samples…[Read more]

  • Improvement in Code review effectiveness
    Find out the difference between % of Code Defects Detected in Code Review with % of Code Defects attributed to Coding Phase….If the difference is decreasing with time  we can say we are improving Code Review Effectiveness
    Dollar benefit by improving code review effectiveness.
    Find out the rework…[Read more]

  • Dear sir,
    Thank you for your kind reply.  there r  companies who have certification.But it seems there r very few as your reply indiacate. I know two of them ,if you know any companies would u plz mail me there name & contact.

  • girish replied to the topic Calibration Eqpt in the forum General 18 years, 2 months ago

    Dear Paul,
    As a ISO lead assessor & a person practicing ISO ,I can state that putting ‘not in use ‘ sticker on the eqmts in this catagory is perfectly OK for ISO9001:2000.
    ISO only requires that eqmts that you use to take quality related decisions are calibrated & does not expect you to do non value added activity of calibrating the ‘not in use’…[Read more]

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    What you need is training in transactional quality six sigma & blackbelts again in the same subject.
    With this info , you may contact a training organisation to tailor a transactional program for you.
    However  please note that basic philosophy of six sigma does not change from transactional to manufacturing process
    Best Regards

  • Dear Steve,
    As a practising blackbelt , I share my views as under.
    Any project aiming at defect reduction,cost reduction,cycle time reduction is a six sigma project. However following points are also to be looked at before you take the project as six sigma.
    The project should have significant business impact.If you take a trivial project as six…[Read more]

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    Dear Mike,
    Your objective is to reduce batch to batch variability w. r. t. mech properties.I suggest the following approach:
    Before going for DOE, select 2 batches which have high variation between them.Test both batches & measure the important parameters in both of them which can be the cause of variation in mech properties.Compare the…[Read more]

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    The Z value calculated thru continuous variable route & discrete variable route will be different as both methods are similar but not same.Also in discretisation some data distortion takes place.
    But purpose of Z value  to set a baseline.Suggest you stick to one of the two methods throughout the project to effectively measure the gains…[Read more]

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    Dear Janelle,
    I am a six sigma blackbelt & have experience in cycle time reduction thru DMAIC methodology of six sigma.In fact recently I have completed a project on order execution cycle time reduction.
    I am sure that same methodology applies to hiring cycle time reduction in HR.
    My email ID is : [email protected]
    Best Regards