• hestatis replied to the topic Basic concepts in the forum General 18 years, 3 months ago

    Well Gabriel,
    My million apologies. I had never intended to make you come out so offensive. I could not imagine it to be taken in that spirit. I thought I will gain knowledge from your reply and that’s all.
    Infact I love people and languages and fond of Geographies and people around the world since the most I respect is human dignity and value.…[Read more]

  • hestatis replied to the topic Basic concepts in the forum General 18 years, 3 months ago

    Bravo !
    This site is turning out to be multilinguistic !
    Request iSixSigma to start SPanish/Italian/French/Chinese versions too.
    How about Kampuchean or Mongolian?

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    Please change the title “Death Blow to…” till debate is over.Reigle,For god’s, Oh No! For Six Sigma’s, No ! For Dr. Harry’s sake stop this and keep yourself busy organizing the event or entire community will loose interest in your postings, though they already laugh at your state.Seems to us that you are neither interested nor capable of holding…[Read more]

  • That’s really a dumb one.
    Please do not use this forum to get a credit for posting.
    Use the website instead and get knowledge. Such questions can be answered only by “experts” outside six sigma field.
    You know who I mean

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    I am sure Statman and Reigle are having a long vacation. BTW, going back to all the threads, it is clear that Reigle is implusive and provoked Statman to challenge, otherwise, initially we found Statman to be a descent man with due respect to Dr. Harry in his postings at least.
    It is really cold now and the hot debate is highly unlikely…[Read more]

  • Thanks.
    But you have not added anything new to the earlier post.
    Please spend time to go to other good postings related to this in 2003. You may find good suggestions.
    All the best!

  • Can you or anybody please let us know about Zinkgraf’s work, material?
    Eager to know about someone who was right there at the time of Six Sigma’s early periods and whose improvement approaches were more valued than Dr. Harry’s.
    Can you please share this information? What was the difference between two cartoon books that you have…[Read more]

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    DPU, DPMO, Y(RT), Ynorm, etc. all are important metrics and should be appropriately used. Fine. All explanation done. True six sigma practitioners are well verse with these.What about our old friend Dr. Mikel Harry, P. hd? Have you really forgot about the postings on the Zshift? Has Dr. corrected the mistakes in his book? I have not bought it yet,…[Read more]

  • Tim,
    I sincere advice. Do not have high hopes of having career in this area of consultancy. After five years, the competition in this itself will be more than your domain area. You will find better scope and satisfaction in mechanical engineering or management sciences than this.
    Not discouraging, but please focus on your domain area…[Read more]

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    Hi Anishka,Your question seems to be difficult to answer since you have not mentioned the project area. BB courses done externally are seldom considered by the organizations that do not have Six Sigma programs in mind. If your organization is planning to start such a program than you amy need to wait and observe. I have still not seen a single…[Read more]