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  • PS My Graduation work consist of:

    1. Checking Normality
    a. by Histogram
    b. P-P plot
    c. Q-Q plot
    Hypothesis testing
    a. Kolmogorov-Smirnov test
    2. X-bar chart
    3. S bar chart (if sample so small <10 then R chart)
    4. Apply Nelson’s rules
    5. Process Capability

    So easy work but find right data(
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  • Hi Robert Butler,

    It seems like good, but I want to apply Nelson’s rules and i cannt do it because i need minimum of 15 points for seeing “Fifteen points in a row are all within 1 standard deviation of the mean on either side of the mean.” And i cannt decide about capability of the process, here is missed specifications.

    PS I have tried to find…[Read more]

  • I am looking for a data set, for my Final work ‘Application statistics methods on the manufacturing process’ .
    The best if it will be from manufacturing and number of samples 50 or more (k>=50), sample size has to be 10 (n=10). Of course, for decision of capable of the process should be LSL and USL.

    The Final work consists of X-bar chart, S-chart…[Read more]