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    There are four fundamental business models namely
    – manufacturing
    – service
    – asset plus service (healthcare, telecom, hospitality,)
    – trading

    Now all these models have core pillars basis which strategy shall revolve. For healthcare the pillars of asset plus service would apply, namely

    – asset deployment, utilisation and maintenance
    – productisation of service
    – supply chain to support productisation of service

    Fundamentally these becomes core end to end business processes. Each business processes need to have a measure (right and comprehensive one), which needs to be improved.

    Lean will focus on identifying customer perspective to the end to end business process and identifying what activities don’t add value and to remove them, making processes scalable and efficient. (for example: take process of patient coming in till patient leaves post recovery, giving you business in this whole process). We believe that there would be several requirements patient may have. Fundamentally there are only three (Value, Time, and Quality). The priority may vary across the end to end process which patient goes through till he moves out of the hospital.
    Now linking these requirements and collecting data to reduce variations to offer consistent service delivery, which establishes trusts, can be done using Six Sigma rigour.

    Essentially what i am trying to make you understand is that any continuous improvement methodology be it Lean or Six Sigma or any other, can be applied on any business process.

    The philosophy of any continuous improvement methodology is extremely powerful. The tools are techniques not just bring a structure to the way you look at things, it also imbibes internal locus of control (essential change management to improve things). Be it Lean or Six Sigma, they are focused to improve a business process purely to ensure customer/s needs are met (internal and external customer needs).

    Hope this helps !!

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