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    I found this in MinitabCg
    Capability indices are calculated only when the gage tolerance is specified.The capability of the gage is given by:Cg =
    (K/100 * Tolerance)

    whereK = percent of the tolerance for calculating Cg specified in the Options subdialog box, default = 20.SV = study variation
    Capability indices are calculated…[Read more]

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    Hi there…I am a REFA I specialist, and i have all MTM methods certifications(MTM-1,SD,UAS,MEK,LOG,PROKON). So i am quite available to help you with the comparasion of the two methods.Contact me via [email protected] REFA information…REFA is a powerfull organisation in germany and they know how to kept information close to…[Read more]

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    Mine applies to both real as well as my final.  I have the entire project completed now except for the final layout, which I am having a bit of trouble with.  I simply wanted to view a sample project on any level, and see the format for lay out.

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    Thanks a lot Ajit. Do you have references of concrete experiences of  use of this model and its results?
    Thanks again

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    Thanks for your comments. I analyze control chart and I know process is unstable. I can’t use Cpk index. So, are there any index I can use for analysis?
    Gracias por su ayuda. La carta de control muestra inestabilidad del proceso y no puedo usar el Cpk como indicador de análisis. ¿Existen otros indicadores o métodos que pueda usar para su análisis?