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James Joseph Waskiel


Lean Six Sigma MBB, CMMI Practitioner and Instructor


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James Joseph Waskiel

Measurement and Analytics Engineering


Business & Engineering Organizational, Process & Quality Performance Excellence

Enterprise Architecture, QMS & BMS Performance & Evolution

Continuous Improvement, Lean Six Sigma, Capability Maturity Institutionalization, DevOps/Site Reliability Engineering and Behavioral Change Management

Product, Process and Organizational Predictability, Reliability, Capability & Performance Maturity Growth


May 2020           

I am an experienced, senior management consultant engineer, certified LEAN Six Sigma Master Black Belt, SW Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model and DevOps/SRE practitioner and instructor. I provide solutions and services in the measurements, analyses and modelling of organizational behavioral change, process and product prediction, reliability and capability performance optimisation.

I look for opportunities to share my passion for measurement and analysis for organizations with a goal for measurable performance and capability maturity growth. I practice, coach, mentor engineering and  business data analytics and organizational performance passionately and drive change relentlessly.

In the capacity of a LEAN Six Sigma MBB leader, trainer and practitioner, I have conducted and held scores of training courses including —  PMFSS (Product Marketing for Six Sigma), DFSS, DMAIC and LEAN throughout Europe as well as coached and mentored to certification dozens of GB’s, BB’s and MBB.  I have co–authored the training materials as well as institutionalized the innovative practices in a multitude of highly successful global projects. 

In addition to the Six Sigma discipline, I am a certified Capability Maturity Model instructor and practitioner from Carnegie Mellon University SW Engineering Institute. I had led a design center to the highest maturity level, optimizing performance. I have trained and certified 200+ candidates across several geographies.

Below is a link to my website with which contains testimonials, skills, University accreditations and certificates, publications and a brief biography.

I was born in the USA. I was schooled (Engineering and Biophysics, University of Connecticut) in USA.  I currently live in Denmark working for 25+ years from contracts with intel, Motorola, Cobham SATCOM and Software Improvement Group.

I am eager and open to geographically relocate and meet new challenges. I hold a US passport, a DK/EU permanent residence and work permit, 10 year working Visa to China.

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James Joseph Waskiel

+45 31 75 72 75


Email: [email protected]

Certification Level

LSS Master Black Belt / SEI CMMI Instructor/assessor

Certification Body

Motorola University, SW Engr. Institute

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