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Jonathon Andell


Lean Six Sigma Expert: Process | Design | Data | Facilitation | Training | Coaching


I am an accomplished leader, a hands-on achiever, and an exceptional instructor, coach, and mentor in all aspects of lean-six sigma and continuous improvement. I have a solid track record in developing skills to make organizations stronger, in enhancing customer satisfaction to build market share, and in increasing operational efficiency to raise profitability.I am adept at diagnosing rapidly and accurately why problems exist, and what remedies are called for, by integrating solid people skills with deep and broad proficiency in data and process analysis methodologies.My words and images are crystal clear and vivid, across all levels of an organization, to depict findings, make decisions, and build skills. My passion for win-win outcomes balances my innovative, resourceful, and high-integrity approach with my fastidious attention to detail. 

Certification Level

Black Belt, MBB, ASQ Fellow

Certification Body

Motorola, U Alabama, ASQ

Certification Year

1992, 2011, 2008

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