• Sorry my sample sizes for both 1 and 2 is 42676 and the defects are for sample 1 is 50 and sample 2 is 133

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    Thanks, ive already ran the first 3 tests but as for the others i think ill  leave them alone.

  • Yes it helps and thank you, I meant to say in my post that i was going to use the 50 not the 90. Also my main concern is my Zscore, im currently doing Black Belt training but I have nobody to get any help from in my office at the moment. Would you be able to tell me how to calculate the Zscore for the 800 and 400.

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    That is very surprising to me.  Are there any consultants training six sigma in the market wanting to chat?  Please email me.  Thanks
    [email protected]

  • You need to establish your initial level of quality before you can accurately establish your sample size!!

  • In a library environment, I’d imagine a lot of the applications would be using lean tools to streamline the transactional processes. When I worked in a library, most of the pains came from checking books back in and getting them out on the shelves. Another area to examine would be in book procurement- know your customer and stock the books that…[Read more]

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    The Blackbelt is an expert in the DMAIC tools, yes, and as such can theoretically walk into any situation and guide an effort to project completion.  But if he/she comes from any other department or consulting firm or even your company’s Quality organization (especially? from Quality) it will be seen as an unwanted invasion by someone who “do…[Read more]

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    SS must be openly and convincingly supported from the very top of the pile of managers allocating people’s time and workload (if not, it will always be swept to the side to get “real work” done).
    The people directly involved with SS must be the people who have direct control of process design and procedures.  When the Quality organization is…[Read more]

  • Ppk is a measure when you have “long term” data, i.e. over multiple days / shifts / weeks, etc.
    Cpk is more of a short term measure; at the start of a project / product launch, you may only have a small amount of data.
    Short term data is said to “shift and drift” about 1.5 standard deviations over the long term.
    Either is a good measure of…[Read more]

  • Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate (and deal out) sarcasm as much as the next guy….or next Stan in this case.  But for now, let’s save it for the regulars who feed off it so well.  Let the newbies tread water for at least a little while at first.

  • yeah, I deserved that one…

  • Mike-
         Do you really believe that you were one of those I was referring to??
    When I first read the string, there were 4 whom had replied.  2 replied with some sort of answer, and 2 went after the guy…although Stan’s reply was more sarcastic than attacking.  And since my original post, HeeBee has been kind enough to apologize to the guy f…[Read more]

  • Mike-
         I have no problem with yourself or anyone else in the forum.  I was just making a point about how some here are so very quick to pull the trigger and fire away, even though their target hasn’t made any attempt at attacking them.
         It is, however, amazing that the person who calls them out on such behavior is believed to be the one…[Read more]

  • Mike-

  • Get back in the boat Erick.  You have taken a swim with a minor cut, and sharks can smell 1 drop of blood from miles away.
    This string is starting to beg an answer to the question: “How many consultant MBBs does it take to bully a student with a question?”

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    That’s a fairly loaded question.  There are numerous factors (X’s) that could influence whether or not you ‘catapult’ job levels (Y).
    Just guessing, I would think that the outcome depends quite a bit on whether or not your company is doing Six Sigma.  If so, then there will be many other factors to look at.  If not, then there is a high pr…[Read more]

  • MikeS-
    I have to agree with Mike Carnell.  If you already have the data for why employees are leaving, then your ‘Quick Wins’ are to change those issues for the better.
    I would add that you should use what is in your SS toolbox to validate the data you have and like Mike C. said, talk to the employees that you still have to ensure that the…[Read more]

  • Mike Carnell-
    I think you are assuming that MikeS is talking about retention of BB employees.  I doubt that would be enough to be a DMAIC project, unless you were at a very large company….or one with a very high percentage of BB employees.
    MikeS-  If you wish to have any type of accurate & detailed answers to your questions, then we need you t…[Read more]

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    Please see Post #68966.

  • Baker replied to the topic Entitlement in the forum General 15 years, 9 months ago

    Please see Post #68966.

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