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  • @jazzchuck “It all comes down to getting information out of the data. The more resolution, the more information you can get out if the data. A rating scale has more resolution than pass/fail data. Think of a case where you have a machine that is producing a part with a diameter out of spec, and you are tasked with adjusting the machine to get it…[Read more]

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    Yesterday 8 March 2020 a graduate of mine phoned me. We were remembering the time when several of my students were able to read PEER REVIEWED papers PUBLSHED in REPUTED Journals and to find the BMWs of the REPUTED Authors!!!!

    She…[Read more]

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    Very good news for you………………………..

    Quality Engineering decided to REJECT my submitted paper on T CHARTS.

    Therefore you will not know the RIGHT Control Limits of T Charts (unless you read my books…)



  • @jazzchuck -that’s very interesting.  I guess I have mixed feelings about automating the dummy variable.  Question:  Does Minitab take the time to explain to you somewhere in the output what it has done for you and why?  If it doesn’t and you try running a regression using nominal variables in a package that doesn’t automatically generate a dum…[Read more]

  • @jazzchuck, thank you for your input!

    This is definitely more of a “telling good parts vs bad parts” kind of situation. We are just checking the sample against the spec (6.70% – 7.30% Vanadium), and passing/failing it.

    I randomly selected samples that were produced over a time span of a few months (they were just hanging out in a box, waiting…[Read more]

  • @jazzchuck, I could be wrong but I think the OP is after what I commented on in my first post. He/she has, in some manner, computed a percent change and is looking for significance with respect to that difference where the comparison of the generated percentage change is with something external to the data.

    The issue isn’t that of difference…[Read more]