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Jason Merschat


Principal Strategist

“I am a strategist and process improvement expert. I differentiate myself from other MBA’s, Engineers, and Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts by my background, experience, and strategic perspective. I started my professional career from a blue collar background, worked my way into management, ran P&L’s, and consulted for Fortune 500 companies as a strategist for one of the largest consulting groups in the nation, all while obtaining my degrees at the same time. I did it the hard way, but it taught me a lot about organizations and myself. I have since unleashed my entrepreneurial spirit to bring my skills and knowledge to market for other companies to leverage. I find this type of work fascinating and rewarding. The beauty of being a consultant for both me and my clients is that I am able to focus on the issues without being mired in the bureaucracy and political landscape of organizations; which can detract from finding true causation, implementing remediation, and finding ways to transform organizational culture to accept new improvement initiatives.” – Jason Merschat

Certification Level

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, MBA

Certification Body

Villanova University

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