• @Mike-Carnell thanks for all the help on this. Much appreciated. 1 year, 9 months ago

  • @Mike-Carnell No specific customer requirements for palletizing. 1 year, 9 months ago

  • @Mike-Carnell Thanks for the insight. I will work with out IT team to see if we can calculate the estimated weight on the picking tickets so the pickers can weigh each package before shipping. I think this will work well for parcel shipments. A single freight order of ours are sometimes up to 40-50 skids so I am not how to break down how much each…[Read more]

  • Our scanners require the pickers to scan the bin, scan the item, but type in the qty being picked. It is up to the picker to pull the correct amount of cases to equal up the amount of pieces on the order. Our IT department is working on an update to the scanners that forces the pickers to scan each box and the inventory is “picked” on the order as…[Read more]

  • Anyone have some insight on best practices for auditing LTL orders without breaking down the entire skid to count cases? Our WMS system will mark each item as picked via a scan gun but it is up to the picker to count out the correct amount of cases. Our pickers do not have carton labels for each case either. All cases picked are palletized and a…[Read more]