• @johnny1287 – All Six Sigma projects are projects.

    I think perhaps you’re talking about structured project management as in what the Project Management Institute ( teaches and certifies? Is that correct?

    If so, then you’ll want to contact them and search their website. I found this, which — with the limited information you shared with…[Read more]

  • @johnny1287 – here are some well-known companies that have used Six Sigma for a multitude of projects. DMAIC projects tend to be “make the process better” type of project. DMADV projects tend to be “make the product design better”, you can also search for DFSS (Design For Six Sigma) projects. Here’s a list of prominent companies: Motorola, GE,…[Read more]

  • @johnny1287 This whole “is SS applicable to Project/Program Management” thing has been going on for years. If you do a Google search you get 58M hit in 0.62 seconds. 3 years, 4 months ago