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Kailyn Haskovec


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Kailyn Haskovec is a Process Improvement and Change Management Intern at CDOT in the Office of Process Improvement. Since starting her internship in December, Kailyn has received a Prosci Change Management Professional Certification and works to increase statewide process improvement through the CDOT Lean Everyday Idea Program. She is passionate about transportation. Kailyn has a strong background in state and local government, parks and recreation, transportation and social research. As an RRC Associates employee, she provides team support organizing and formatting market research efforts for municipalities, mountain resorts, parks and recreation organizations.  Kailyn holds a Masters of the Environment degree from University of Colorado, specializing in sustainable planning and management.  She also holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology with minors in environmental studies and public policy, planning and management from the University of Oregon.

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