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Kosta Chingas began his career with Ford Motor Company in production supervision. In May 2000, he joined the first wave of black-belt candidates at his facility. He became a certified black-belt by Ford in September, 2001. In 2002, he joined BorgWarner automotive as press area operations supervisor where he optimized kanban min-max levels and introduced team-leaders into the press area. In 2003, he returned to Ford and was selected to become the facility master black-belt, coaching the facility black-belts and delivering green-belt training to roughly 200 total hourly employees. He also co-delivered one of the first waves of manufacturing black-belt training in the Chicago area for regional candidates.

In 2005, Kosta moved on to another OEM auto manufacturer and is responsible for dimensional quality as well as his plant’s Six Sigma implementation.

Kosta obtained a B.S. Mechanical Engineering degree from Northern Illinois University in December, 1999.

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