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    Thanks Arne.



    Hi Arne,
    Thanks for your valuable information.
    As of now from the business perspective ( i.e., in terms of making money) we don’t feel that it is a problem area which needs to be addressed immediately as we are already on par with induatry standards eventhough the defects are high (as the clients are satisfied)
    When we think of a going ahead with a project to improvise the customer CTQs eventhough we are running at a better sigma level in some of the other processes( like Csat), form business perspective I feel that working on that area will help us a lot more than this problem area.
    Would you agree with me on this?



    Hi Arne,Thanks for your time in giving me such a
    elaborate reply.The reason why we are concentrating on
    communication skills is that the expectation
    from the client as of now is a communication
    skill percentege of 97%. i.e., Out of 100
    customers who reply back to the email survey
    form 97 should rate the agent as 1 or 2 in the
    4th question that’s been asked to the customer.As you rightly pointed out we are trying to
    improvise the cutomer ratings by improvising
    the skills of the agents on the floor ( So
    ultimately its about improvising the agents skill
    to improve customer’s experience )As of now we are running at a Communication
    skill percentage of 90 % i.e., Out of 100
    cutomers who reply back to us around 90% of
    the customers give us a good rating on
    Communication skills(1,2).Also the first question that we ask the customer
    is ‘ Is your problem resolved?’ where marking 1
    indiactes resolved and marking 2 indicates
    customers issue is not resolved.So, when we apply a filter in Excel and select 1
    and for which select 1&2 in Question 4 it it
    results in 92%. Similarly, when we select 2 for
    question 1 and see the dissatisfied customers
    in communication skill(3,4) rating it comes to
    68%.Also, out of 10% customers who are not
    satisfied with the communication skill, when we
    analysed th data with a pareto chart 90% are
    because of accent issues. predominat factor
    when compared with pacing, clarity of speech
    etc.,). So, even for the customers who have not
    given us the reason as to why they have rated
    the agent bad we have taken it for granted that it
    should be primarily b’coz of accent issues. Hope this clarifies.Regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)