• Hi,

    Can anybody help me setting up the primary quality function deployment for a new and big project.

    I am looking for a typical supply chain management process where right from sales to billing and logistics processes are available.

    For QA part if anybody does have some QDF documents are there which i can follow, that would be really…[Read more]

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    Also to add to the above line for more understanding. the 18000 data is just a portion of the total data. no body knows what is this total enterprise Level % as client doesn’t provide help on this.

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    Hello All,
    I have a question.
    I am currently working on one BB project.
    Overpayment recovery:
    The data which my ops teams received to identify the over payment is only for one of the three locations. There is no […]

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    I was doing a minitab calculation on baselining. I encountered a p value which is supposed to be or =.05 , but it was showing the value of <.005 .
    My question is p value is always considered as .05 whenever we do […]

  • Hello Every Body,
    I am into quality since 5 years. i have always worked on existing Business process, never worked on setting up new Business. My Clients wants to set up a captive call center. they are into sales […]