• @liamh Chris sounds like he has a great idea. Just a thought. It is art I am not sure how much I would worry about scale. It is more of a concept.

    Just my opinion. 2 years, 12 months ago

  • @LiamH Nice post. Very happy to see you are taking care of the DF. Katie does a good job but she can’t be the lone voice. Thank you. 3 years, 7 months ago

  • Hi!

    Sorry, I thought there were no new replies in the topic because I haven’t received any notifications.
    Here is the JMP script that generates trials for full factorial:
    New Table( "Untitled",
    Add Rows( 10 ),
    New Column( "A", Numeric, "Nominal", Format( "Best", 12 ),
    Formula( Random Integer( 0, 1 ) ) ),
    New Column( "B",…
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