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  • Thank you for this article. I haven’t seen much written about human errors in regards to using the Poisson distribution. It was good to see how you looked into potential variables influencing predicted error […]

  • Robert,

    Good point. I have made this mistake in the past and wondered what happened. This is a good reminder on the fundamentals that get ignored sometimes.


  • I have also been looking for such a platform unsuccessfully. I am now more of the mind that such a platform does not exist explicit for our skill sets. I found an instance where such a platform was created for Tuck Business school. Perhaps this site, with the development of best practice processes, could be that clearing house platform for…[Read more]

  • Ms. Lee,

    Like most things the answer is, “it depends.” Kanban systems are very effective to replenish supply but require knowledge of lead times, estimated consumption/demand quantities and pretty reliable delivery of the supply. I can only speak from experience but having thousands of components or more in a kanban system can work just fine,…[Read more]

  • Nice job Chris. All too often practioners, particularly early in their journey, get frustrated in the Improve or Control phases of a project because of a lack of “buy in”. As you outline here, success happens […]

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