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    Six Sigma is a new discovery for me. The resources and assistance offered are fabulous. I own an interconnect (voice/data structured wiring, telecommunications equip. etc.). The time study macro would be an excellent tool to further focus our organization. May I also request a copy? Please email it to [email protected],

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    Assuming you mean U.S. military?  Individual military components make use of 6S/Lean but seems to depend on the particular major command.  Seems those that are fee-for-service may embrace it earlier.  If one Googels Navy, you may find that NAVAIR has a 6S/Lean program.  Here at Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) although not ‘mi…[Read more]

  • Both Methods are mathematically identical:
    A = Actual set up time
    St = Standard
    N = Number of Set ups
    Method 1
    (A1 / St + A2 / St + A3 / St + … + AN / St) / N  = Sum of A’s / St*N
    Method 2
    (A1 + A2 + A3 + … + AN) / St * N    = Sum of A’s / St * N

  • It most useful to say that a sample size of 21 is insufficient for use in developing Cpk from observed yield
    After entering the data points into Minitab and performing a process capability analysis, resulting calculations indicate the Cpk is 1.03 relative to the upper limit of 1.76 based on a “within sample Stdev” of .00412 and refl…[Read more]

  • Paul,
    Our organization (federal government) has contracting policies to choke a horse.  In short, we went with defining the extent of services required (e.g., developing indicators, training x-number of people, developing internal presentations, etc.) then, after a bidding process, selected a consultant.  The contract was written in such a way th…[Read more]

  • Paul,
    Have no idea what business you are in, how much money you have, etc…. but think the BSC is great stuff (and I am NOT a consultant).  Just my two cents, though… I would spend a number of hours reading, high-lighting, and re-reading both the Balanced Scorecard and The Strategy-Focused Organization and have a number of the top/key people i…[Read more]

  • Ben,
    My opinion here…  Queueing theory has limitations that one will approach fairly quickly, i.e., theory can only handle a relatively small number of assumptions (exponential generation, etc…..) and when your boss says “yea.. but what about that machine on station #6 that goes off line when it heats up…”.  Then the equations are really c…[Read more]

  • There is a Six Sigma initiative underway within the DoD’s Accounting and Finance agency to implement 6 Sigma.  Perhaps too early to tell what the results are/will be.  Nonetheless, the DMAIC methodology is very applicable to, in this case, a transaction processing environment.   Customers’ Critical To Quality characteristics such as accuracy, timl…[Read more]

  • As I see ‘forecasting’, the technique or alorithm depends on the situation.  E.g., given the following series: 70, 72, 74, 76, 78, what is the next number?  If one uses a certain class of tools like moving average, exponential smoothing, simple linear regression, etc., then the intuitive (and “correct”) answer would be 80-ish.  However, ‘spo…[Read more]

  • My company actually employs both approaches.   We have a corpoate group with the BB’s reporting up through the MBB who reports to the director of Six Sigma and at the manufacturing sites, we have BB’s who report to their team leads or operations managers and are supported by the MBB who reports to the overall plant manager.    It’s been a rock…[Read more]

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    Someone may have already mentioned this – the discussion thread is long -however my company looked at recruiting costs and the improvement targeted & being readied for pilot is an employee referral program with $ incentives – it won’t eliminate professional recruiting costs but when it can run as much as 35% per professional recruit (35% of s…[Read more]

  • Thanks to all – I appreciate the feedback.  
    What I’m hearing is Management support either direct with mandates or indirect career growth incentives seems to be core in several of the successful ss deployments mentioned and GB involvement is crucial to a successful deployment.    Without this, I suppose SS at my firm could easily fall the way of…[Read more]

  • Carol/Mike –
    Thank you both for your insight on this –   
    Our SS deployment included GB’s to a very small degree – only after the first year did the endeavor to grow the GB population begin.   However,  Corporate is an entrenched & non-dynamic culture so it’s been very challenging in this environment while our manufacturing sites are plowing…[Read more]

  • I’m interested in knowing what firms that employ Six Sigma methodology have a Green Belt program and how it functions?
    I’m a MBB at my firm (a med/large chem mfgr), we’ve been deploying the SS initiative for 2 years and have been successful training GB’s at the manufacturing sites but less so in the corporate arena.   We’re trying to determine h…[Read more]

  • One word…  Money.   As our VP put it way back when we started SS…  if you think it’s about anything else – you’re wrong – Money.    We have won many a convert in management by documenting & sharing the substantial savings associated with actual project/process improvements.   After 2 years, we still have a long way to go on the Corporate side…[Read more]