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Delta Airlines is one of the Delta States’ most famous heritage carriers. It has its headquarters in Atlanta

port in Georgia, Delta. Learn more about check-in policy, baggage policy, check-in policies, and more!

How do I find out your Delta Airlines check-in policy?

The passengers must carry their identification cards along with their tickets to the board during the

check-in process, which can take all day or night. Check-in is permitted within 30 minutes of your

departure time for your flight.

Check-in is available through the following:

 Online

 Self-check-in kiosks

 Counter for tickets

 The counter at the curbside of the airport is for the drop-off point.

Online Check is done using these steps:

 Visit your check-in page and open my trip app or web browser.

 Log into your Delta account.

 Enter your confirmation number.

 Print your boarding pass

You can also make a check-in using the Delta app.

 Download the Delta app

 Login or Check in to your account

 Register for a sky miles account

 Add your number for confirmation

 You will be given your flight pass

 Print your boarding pass

Check-in can be done at the Airport kiosk

 The airport’s kiosk is where you can check-in.

 After your arrival, enter your SkyMiles number.

 Make sure to enter the confirmation code on the desk

 Print your ticket to board.


Check-in is at the Airport desk.

 Find the airport

 Stop at the Delta desk counter. Delta desk counter

 There is a specific area identified as the Delta

 The printer will then print out your board pass

 It is also possible to request your preferred seating

 They will assign according to the availability of seats.

Check-in is available outside the airport

 When you step out of the car or have been dropped off, you’ll be able to see an open area.

 You can check your luggage

 Make sure you have it checked

 You will be issued a boarding pass at the airport itself.

What time is it for arrival at airport check-in?

 Travel across the US.

 The passenger needs to be checked for 2 hours before the departure

 Check-in 30 minutes before departure

 Make sure you are ready 15 minutes before the departure time.

What are the baggage policies of Delta Airlines?

 The size of your carry-on can not surpass the size 22" x 14" x 9", which includes handles and


 It must be underneath the seat and the overhead cabin as per FAA regulations.

 If you think that you’ve got more luggage, the luggage could be accepted by the Airlines

when there’s more space.

 How do you reserve a Delta Airlines flight?

 Go to Delta Airlines’ official website.

 Click on the Flight Reservation tab.

Go to the homepage, where you can look up Delta flights. Delta


 Write your departure city

 Input your travel date.

 Input the time and the location of the airport you wish to leave for.

 Pick the flight details depending on your preferences.

 After filling in the personal details and passport information

 After that, you’ll need to create the payment option for your flight ticket.

 After you’ve paid the bill, you can complete the transaction.

 An email will be sent to you with a confirmation number and a payment bill.


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